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Marketing in a Crisis: How to SURVIVE the recession, and THRIVE for years to come!

Discover powerful strategies that companies implemented to overcome the turbulent times. In this video, Doug Stanford talks about the benefit of pouring strategy and resources into marketing efforts to keep your business on the front lines for the economic upswing

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Hold For Sound: Audio Basics for Video Marketing

The quality of your audio is the difference between making a connection and creating a distraction! With this course we’ll show you how to make your audio sound the best with the equipment you already have!

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Video Marketing Refocused

Video Marketing Refocused is intended to take you on a deeper dive into the purpose of video, the impact video can have on an audience and practical advice on how to produce your own video production.

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Isolation to Opportunity

This is the time to Turn Isolation into Opportunity. Let’s start content marketing with Podcasts & a YouTube channel. In part one of a two-part series!

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Remote Leadership with Style

It feels a little weird navigating the role of being a leader remotely over a webcam. Trust us, we get it! In this micro-course we’ll dive into some key essentials to make sure that you’re presenting your best even when remote!

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Speaking Naturally with a Written Statement

As a business leader in this stage of needing to work remotely, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to deliver a written statement on camera. This micro-course is perfect for those looking for quick tips on how to look, and sound great!

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Jon is always supportive and willing to help students. His jovial personality is a perfect fit for instructing. His knowledge on all faucets of video, from video blogging to editing and more, make him my go-to professional for any class lecture.
Laura Kirby
Jon definitely helped me learn what’s needed in pre-production, what you need to know in terms of lighting plans, getting your locations set, and in general keeping up with the entire production.
Andres' DeLeon
Jon's got such a warm personality, he’s very conversational. Just watching these videos, you’ll feel like you’re learning right there with him!
Dustin Foster
His openness to teach and your willingness to learn, I think makes Jon a great mentor.
Rachel Bozant

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